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How to measure salt in a recipe
March 8, 2022, 1:01 am
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My Rye sourdough recipe says 2 tsps of salt. I wanted to know what 2 tsps meant.

So I took out my scale and weighed 3 kinds of salt.

2 tsps of sea salt weighs 10 grams

2 tsps of kosher salt weighs 12 grams

2 tps of iodized salt weighs 14 grams.

Another recipe for a Rye sourdough bread I like says 11 grams of salt. This is more helpful to me.

That is why I like gram measurements better than teaspoon measurements and gram measurements better than cups.

Alas most of my American cookbooks do not use grams; this makes for too much guess work.

For example, I often make whole wheat waffles. With the same 2 cups of flour in the recipe sometimes the batter is thin and sometimes thick(often just right also) depending on the type of flour I choose.