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Pillow, pillows and more pillows
March 11, 2023, 9:27 pm
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I made this quilted pillow from Freddy Moran’s quilting pattern. As soon as I put the cats in the window ,I knew it was for Tallulah.

The flower pillow I  made for Mojdeh. It is my first hand applique.

The 2nd pillow is for Pixie. She said fireflies gave her good luck which she definitely needed with her diagnosis and surgeries. We just celebrated her 80th birthday! She surprised us all. Hallelujah.

The third pillow is for Hanaleah. Like Tallulah’s pillow, there is hand quilting in the Japanese Sashiko style.


My third Starry, Starry Night quilt
March 11, 2023, 8:55 pm
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This is the third quilt I made for Hanaleah, The first one was for her freshman year at college,  the second one was for graduate school and the third one is for the  first house she purchased. I know you are supposed to bring salt and bread to someone’s new home, but I bought a quilt.It is also a queen sized quilt. The first 2 were twin size.

Warrior Quilt for Robin March 2021
March 11, 2023, 8:45 pm
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robin and me park oct2019

One year after Chris’s cancer was declared in remission, he died from it.

I met Robin at the Hope Lodge in NYC where we were both helping our husbands as they fought cancer. After Chris died. Robin sent me all his t-shirts. Chris was a PE teacher at community college, entered into many tournaments with friends and loved sports. His t-shirr quilt is a memory quilt for his wife Robin. Robin displayed it at Chris’s celebration of life.

Haley Quilt May 2018
March 11, 2023, 8:23 pm
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I met Haley when we. went  to Hanaleah’s graduation. Haley too received her Masters degree in Public Health from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill . Days after very pregnant Haley had her first baby, a boy she and Sebastian named  Felix.