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Preserving Meyer lemons
November 30, 2016, 12:20 am
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1-p1090390 2-p1090389My tree is full of lemons and they are all ready to pick. My friend Cordelia taught me how to preserve them with salt. Her lemons are from the grocery store and not a tree however. No matter.

To make one pint. Wash and cut 3 lemons into 6 wedges each. Next put them in a bowl with one Tbsp of  salt on each lemon(one Tbsp. per 6 wedges). Let them sit for an hour and then put them into the wide-mouthed pint jar. Push them down with a wooden spoon. Mine were juicy enough so I didn’t need to add any extra lemon juice.( Cordelia did. Maybe because hers weren’t as fresh a mine?) The jar should be filled to the brim so the top doesn’t get moldy.. Then I put on a piece of wax paper and a lid.

I let them sit on the counter for 7 days and tasted. Any recipe you use salt and lemon in works for these beauties. Go on line and search. Now they are in the fridge for 2 more weeks until they will be in their prime. They will keep in the fridge for 3 months, IF they last that long.


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