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Homemade kombucha
June 9, 2014, 3:38 am
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Holding up the scoby which I placed in the jar with the cooled organic black tea and the sugar.

The gallon jar containing the scoby, the sugar and the tea which I covered with a cotton cloth secured by a rubber band. I then covered the whole jar with a towel.

After 7 days my first batch of kombucha was ready. I put it in 16 oz glass jars in the fridge. After it was cold I drank my first homemade kombucha. Delicious. And I still have 6 more jars to enjoy. Plus I have another gallon of kombucha fermenting. This gallon I will let sit for 12 days.

I purchased my scoby and organic apricot black tea from The Farmer in Dale.

Check out her website and like her on Facebook.

Here is her recipe for kombucha.

Kombucha Recipe for 2 gallons



2 pickle jars clean and sanitized/ or 4 so you can do next batch immediately, I asked at the local BBQ place and they gave them to me.

1 cup organic black tea, loose leaf.  I use Davidson’s Apricot peach essence

1 gallon filtered water

Large pan to boil water, stir in the 3 C. sugar and make the tea

2 scobies in a cup of kombucha each (from last batch or from person you get scobies)


  1. Boil a gallon of filtered water
  2. Add 3 cups organic sugar (Costco has big bags cheap)stir until dissovled
  3. Turn off heat
  4. Add one cup of the tea in a cloth or sock or tea towel and tie with string
  5. Cover and let sit overnight
  6. Next day, split tea into 2 one gallon jars
  7. 1 cup of kombucha from last batch and with very clean hands (no metal) remove the scoby carefully and put into jar of tea.
  8. Fill to the brim of jar with filtered water (no chlorine)
  9. Cover with cheese cloth or tea towel and put a rubber band over to make a “lid” and keep fruit flies out.
  10. Let ferment on counter in a cool dark place and don’t disturb for at least 4 days and up to 8 days or more depending on how tart you like it. Taste before harvesting ! Leave your scobies on the counter once harvested in a cup of liquid kombucha for each one.   If you leave your kombucha jars out of refrigerator for at least a day or two they will continue to ferment and make more C02 and get fizzy. You may need to “burp” them occasionally to keep them from getting too explosive J
  11. Take out scobies and place in a new jar with 1 cup of kombucha for your next batch. Use mason jars or sealing glass to store kombucha so the fizz will not get out J
  12. Chill and enjoy !! So good for your digestive system and rich in probiotics, B complex, B12 and C.

Note: since I am the only one drinking the kombucha in my household , I make 1/2 a recipe at a time. I still use one SCOBY in the one gallon I make.