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October 8, 2013, 8:08 pm
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P1020132II took me 18 months to complete this quilt, from the day I purchased the pattern until the day I finished the binding. Hanaleah helped me pick out the fabrics. the theme is  Japanese prints. I quilted it myself on the longarm at Cotton Cupboard, my favorite Quilt Shop In Lakeway, TX. The quilt is for John and my bed.


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Absolutely beautiful. A wonderful accomplishment.

Comment by Cynthia Winer

Thanks Cynthia.

Comment by austingardener

This quilt is stunning. Even before I looked at the large size or read your notes, I looked at the quilt and saw a complex and beautiful soji screen. The Japanese influence is heightened by the choice of fabrics, so give my compliments to Hanahleah.

Comment by Sara Blatt

Sara, my parents had soji’s in our home separating the living room and den that could be opened for large gatherings. I never knew how to spell soji til you wrote it.

Comment by austingardener

Susan, It is exquisite. I remember when you first started out in quilting. You have certainly become a terrific quilter. Congrats. Lorraine Chammah

Comment by Lorraine Chammah

I too remember when Kathy Sato pulled out her quilt at your tea thus beginning my quilting journey at your home.

Comment by austingardener

Lovely design and colors!

Comment by captious

Just lovely, Susan!

Comment by Carol

wow…..thats sumpn…..takes second place to the blanket u made for me for my 90th……….


uncle joe

Comment by uncle joe

Susie–Wonderful work! Wishing you only sleep that is equally smooth and dreams that are equally beautiful. Davida

Comment by dcharney

What a quilt! So gorgeous!

Now for that kimchi recipe….

Comment by Lauren F

I’m so happy you made a quilt for YOURSELF, Susan! Your hard work paid off!
Kathy Sato

Comment by Kathy Sato

Absolutely stunning – worth every minute of those 18 months (777,600 minutes, by my calculation). Enjoy your new bedroom!

Comment by Lynn Wallisch

Yay! I’m really happy with how it came out. What does dad think?

Comment by Hanaleah

You need to get some new darker sheets (brown?) to match though.

Comment by Hanaleah

Beautiful — good job

Comment by Cory

Absolutely stunning! I am so impressed. Can I order one? If I may, I agree with Hanaleah’s suggestion about the sheets

Comment by Cheryl Hazeltine

thank you for the compliment but I only make them as gifts . They take a ton of time.

Comment by austingardener

Susan: I just now saw this, wow! I didn’t even know you quilted. Is there anything you don’t do, with class and beauty?
Sharon/Guinea Hill

Comment by Sharon Crow

Thank you Sharon. I will have to show you my book of all my quilts. Or you can see them on this blog.

Comment by austingardener

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