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Soya Cantine Bio & Loft in Paris
September 8, 2012, 10:35 am
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We went to

Soya Cantine Bio & Loft
20, rue de la Pierre Levée
75011 PARIS
01 48 05 13 00
06 99 52 00 18
 We went  here for brunch on August 19, 2012 when we were visiting Paris. You need a reservation.
Oh my, what a delight.
There were over 20 cold dishes all vegan.
I really liked the tempeh, cashew salad.
5 hot dishes, 3 vegan.
And 4 special dishes including 2 sushi rolls.
3 of the desserts were vegan including a delicious squash pudding with blueberries.
When we sat down they served us a large glass of orange, pineapple, mint and ginger jucie that was superb. If this is all they had I would be back in an instant.
The latte with foamed soy milk was a delicious way to end our scrumptious meal.