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Dehydrating peaches with pineapple juice
July 19, 2011, 11:22 pm
Filed under: canning and freezing

With the drought in Texas the Stonewall peach crop was about half the size as normal and the peaches were smaller. But they are sssswwwweeeeettttt. Vogel Orchard won’t sell 1/2 bushels of number ones so I bought a half bushel of seconds and decided to try drying them in my dehydrator. that my son gave(lent) me.

  1. I put on a pot of boil and dipped the peaches in for one second to wash them.
  2. Next, I cut them in half and removed the pits.
  3. Then I sliced them in 1/4″ slices.
  4. I let the slices sit in a bowl of pineapple juice for a couple minutes. You can use ascorbic acid water or lemon juice water also.
  5. Next I put them on the screens that came with the dehydrator.
  6. I set the dehydrator at 135 degrees, turned it on and set it for 14 hours.
  7. I checked it after 10 hours and the peaches looked ready.
  8. You can tell if they are ready if you break one in half and no moisture appears.

Emma Naima’s quilt
July 16, 2011, 8:45 pm
Filed under: quilting

My roommate from college’s eldest son and his wife had a baby girl last month.

Mom does not favor pink(or so I have been told) so I quilted a red, green. black and white panda quilt for her daughter. I will take bets that when Emma grows up a mite, pink will be her favorite color?

I had a great time making it as soon as Margo sent me a message of her safe birth.

Can one grow tomatoes in the summer in Austin, TX?
July 1, 2011, 12:13 am
Filed under: gardening

I planted 21 tomato plants the 2nd week in March.  The plants still look good but they are stopping production. It has been over 100 most of June and not cooling down at night. The varieties still producing well are the Juliet’s, the Sun gold cherry tomatoes, the Black Cherry tomatoes, and the other cherry tomatoes. The Roma and the Viva Italia are determinate and done. The Rowdy Red, the Celebrity, the Better Boy, the San Marzano, and the heirlooms all did well. Only the Berkeley Tiedye died early and gave out only 8 tomatoes. So to answer my own question. You cannot grow tomatoes this summer in Austin, TX. But I have frozen, canned, dried and made roasted tomato sauce so we will be eating tomatoes all year.