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Freeze in Austin, February 2011
February 6, 2011, 3:56 am
Filed under: gardening

After 4 days of weather under 32 degrees, it finally thawed out today. It reached 60 degrees this afternoon.  Lovely.  After 18 and 20 degree nights I think the whole city made it out today.

Unfortunately my winter garden suffered. The 3 cabbages and  4 cauliflowers were frozen when I got out there today. I picked them and made some Indian dishes with them.

The broccoli, collards, and lettuce froze too. The spinach survived. A miracle. The garlic and the leeks are fine. the artichoke plants froze.

The beet tops, the parsnip tops, the carrot tops and the rutabaga tops all froze. but the vegetables are in the unfrozen ground, safe and sound.