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What grows in Austin in 105 degree temperatures.
June 26, 2009, 12:09 am
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The tomatoes are dying. You can hardly garden in Austin in July or August. Today it is 105 degrees. So hot so early in the season. The pool is 96 degrees, barely cooling at all. Some plants are doing well in the garden , the okra, the sweet potatoes and  the Italian pole zucchini, Trombocino Squash (Zucchetta Rampicante).

 So hot, so early.


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The only thing doing well in my garden is arugula, which is absolutely thriving. My okra is about dead, same for pumpkin, tomatoes are terribly unhappy.

When I was 5, mom planted a tomato plant I brought home from school behind a shrub, i.e. in total shade. The tomato gave big beautiful fruits all summer long. Maybe total shade is the secret for tomatoes here.

Comment by Laura

Tomatoes in the shade, I will have to try that.

Comment by austingardener

Moved here from Ca. Always had a garden,, but it’s not happening. I have clay dirt. Peppers seem to do ok. I have them in pots, but nothin else.What should I put in the dirt?

Comment by Linda

yeah, my tomatoes produced two tomatoes in July and August. plenty of flowers, but they just fell off due to the heat. the basil has LOVED the weather, however.

Comment by roundrockgarden

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