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Sweet Potatoes
October 20, 2008, 10:26 pm
Filed under: gardening

I harvested my sweet potatoes today. Some were so large that it makes me think I should have harvested them a month ago. I put the ruler in the picture so you can see how large some are. Personally they are the biggest sweet potatoes I have ever seen. The largest ones weigh 7 to 9 pounds.

 I cut some in small pieces and boiled them for dinner and they are quite tasty.


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wow! that’s some potato!

Comment by linda

Awesome! Are they Beauregard variety? They get big. I harvested 100 # of them and a Puerto Rican more yellow colored variety of sweet potato this year and left them in about 100 days here in southern middle TN. If I leave them in too long, they start to form sprouts.

Comment by Barbara E

I don’t know the variety as they are potatoes I bought at the local farmer’s market, sprouted, cut in half and rooted in water. They were in the ground for 120 days. None had sprouted, but when I dug them up a few were rotten. I think that might have been from overwatering. and a mooue(or a small rat) jumped out from beneath a black plastic mulch I have at the garden’s edge.

Comment by austingardener

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