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What to do with tomato plants when it is raining
June 24, 2007, 5:04 pm
Filed under: gardening

     It has been raining hard for short amounts of time almost every day this week. Therefore, It has been difficult ito work in the garden.

     I have been out to work only one day this week. I weeded and lay down  my 2 bales of pine straw mulch. It was really wet pulling weeds and I brought home much mud on my shoes, but the necessary job is done.

     I just read an article in a local gardening paper on a scientific study on mulch. The conclusion was that the soil temperature under the mulch remains constant even though the ambient temperature outside is fluctuating over 20 degrees.

     But I have been out every other day to pick. Each time I am getting about 10 pounds of tomatoes( 3 big colanders full). green beans, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, eggplant , swiss chard and peppers. I make ratatouille every other day it seems. I will post the recipe soon and also the recipe for the baba ganoush I made on Friday night.

     I have canned tomatoes twice this week and made low sugar peach jam again. I didn’t experiment. I used 1 cup of sugar again. Yum.


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