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no sugar, low sugar peach preserves
June 19, 2007, 5:05 pm
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This is peach season in Central Texas. It was a difficult year for the local peach growers due to a late cold spell in early April and much rain. But I just bought a box  of peaches from a grower outside of Fredericksburg and made a recipe of no sugar jam with 5 cups of peaches cooked, 1 cup of the peach juice,1 package of lo sugar sure jel and 1/4 cup of lime juice. My 17 yr old loved it but I found it slightly tart.

So this morning I made the same recipe adding 1 cup of sugar after it was ready and boiling one more minute. It was tart AND sweet.

A regular recipe calls for 4 cups of sugar so i might try it next with 2 cups for the scientist in me, but I am not sure. One cup seems just right.


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I came across your blog as I search for something to do with all these peaches! My tree went nuts this year. Usually there isn’t all that much left for me once the squirrels and birds get theirs, but this year I guess they were on a diet! I actually think this winter’s cold snap helped. It was way before blossom time.
I’m a pretty proficient cook, but not much experience with canning and preserving. Like you, I’m agahst at the quantities of sugar called for in the recipes I have seen. But I’m too scared to tinker, thinking that I’ll end up with a pot full of peach goo.
Another problem I have is…I don’t really eat a lot of toast…so why make jam anyway? If you know of a way I can make some sort of sauce or puree that I could freeze perhaps, and then use in yogurt or smoothies, that would be totally cool. Thanks!
P.S. As I write this, I’m listening to Brave Combo..the best Texas band ever! I also have a niece living in Austin…hope I can make a trip there sometime soon!

Comment by MaryRuth

Why not just can your peaches MaryRuth? Peel them, remove the seeds, cut in half…. No sugar needed, and they’re so tasty in January.

Comment by captious

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