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austin and gardening at the end of April
April 27, 2007, 1:36 pm
Filed under: gardening

my gardenI pulled up my broccoli plants and dug up the bed. There were many worms and the dirt looked brown and loamy. I will plant my bush limas next week.

I took the plastic off 2 of my tomatoes cages and will see how that goes before pulling off the rest of the plastic. The cucumbers I planted last week are up so I planted the rest of the pack. And I planted radishes and beets too. Hope it is not too late. Everything is thriving.

I picked turnips, beets, lettuce and dug up the first of the new potatoes. I am in heaven.


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I am so jealous! You are already harvesting! It’s still pretty cool here and I’m just getting ready to plant. It’ll be a couple of weeks yet for the tomatoes. If I put them in the ground now, they’d likely freeze. I like your header for your blog!

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